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Mk1/2 RDA Solid Front Disks each


RDA Standard Replacment Brake Rotor each RDA118 Fits Ford Escort Front


Diameter: 247mm
Height: 26.5mm
Centerhole: 68mm
Thickness: 12.5mm
Minimum Thickness: 11.4mm
No. Holes: 4

Sourced from world-leading manufacturers, RDA Brakes Traditional Brake Disc Rotors are prepared to the highest quality. RDA Brakes Traditional Brake Disc Rotors have a Black Passivation Finish that is easy to wipe down, eliminates the need to wash down the heavy-duty packing/storage oil, and increases surface rust resistance. In order to achieve better initial brake performance, the Traditional Brake Disc Rotor has a ground finish on the brake. Constantly improving their manufacturing technology, RDA Brake Rotors are now heat tempered in order to increase the life of the metal composition and structure.

With over 2100 vehicle applications in their Traditional Brake Disc Rotor range, RDA Brakes are proud to cover everything from Alfa to Volvo and all makes in between. Backing themselves with 15 years of supplying the Aussie market with top-quality Traditional Brake Disc Rotors, RDA Brakes do not jeopardise quality for price, but offer affordable options for your braking needs.

YearMakeModelSeriesBody TypeEngine TypeKWFitment Position
1974 - 1980FordEscort1.3SedanPetrol40Front
 Note Above: 247 mm Rotor, 1975-1980
1970 - 1976FordEscort1.3SedanPetrol42Front
 Note Above: 247 mm Rotor, 1975-1976
1974 - 1980FordEscort1.6SedanPetrol62Front
 Note Above: 247 mm Rotor, 1975-1980
1975 - 1980FordEscort2SedanPetrol80Front
 Note Above: 247 mm Rotor



Mk1/2 RDA Solid Front Disks each - BRRDA118

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