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Zetec Exhaust Valve Oversize 1.0mm


Triple groove cotter valve. Standard length with the cotter groove moved 1mm up the stem to give a fitted length +1mm.
Valve diameter: 1.142" (29.0mm).
Valve length: 3.843" (97.61mm).
Valve stem: .2375" (6.03mm).
Use cotter: FZ361
Material: 1.4882 - This material has the same properties as 214N (349S52) but with addition of Ta (Tantalum), Nb (Niobium) and W (Tungsten). This gives it greater elongational properties, improved tensile, yield and creep strength.

Ford Zetec E 16v Black Top 05/98-

  • Ford Cougar 2.0 16v 1998-2002
  • Ford Focus Mk1 1.8 16v 1998-2005
  • Ford Focus Mk1 2.0 16v 1998-2005
  • Ford Mondeo Mk2 1.8/2.0 16v 05/1998-2000



Zetec Exhaust Valve Oversize 1.0mm - ZVEV1005

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