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Import Services

Sea Freight

The RS Shop can facilitate the importation of your vehicle or the vehicle of your choice from its current location in another country. This includes vehicle inspection reports, documentation, import registration and application, payment, pick up, steam cleaning, freight forwarding, quarantine, customs clearance, delivery, compliance and state registration requirements. This is a very detailed, time consuming and specialist task, that could hamper customers not familiar with vehicle importing and the complicated rules and regulations associated with their importation. For bulky or heavy items we can provide parts consolidation for cheaper freight forwarding rates from the UK by this method.

Air Freight

Our Automotive parts leave weekly from the UK. Dependent upon the customers choice and  parts ordered, we determine the most economical mode or fast and convenient mode of freight forwarding to suit their needs. In some cases where a vehicle is classed "off road" we can expedite the parts shipment for those items and have them in Australia within 3 -5 days if required.

Parcel Post
Parts are dispatched daily by Parcel Post satchel. In the past we have found this to be a very reliable customer friendly service that provides door to door service. Most parts will arrive next day or, dependant upon dispatch time and your location, the day after. Satchels prove to be the most economical for smaller items. Parcels are dispatched by either TNT or AusPost. We will always try and use the most reliable and cost effective method.

Express Post

For those parts a little more urgent or that "have" to be there next day, we use Express Post. Only moderately more expensive than Parcel Post the items arrive quicker than parcel post and may also be tracked to ensure parts don't get misplaced. Please note: Express post from Albury and other regional areas may take slightly longer than city to city express post. 

Parcel Service

For larger items or items that require special packaging due to breakage. The goods are packed securely to ensure their safety and so they arrive in one piece to your door. This is subject to Australia Post size and weight limits and are charged at regular parcel rates. please call or email for current rate charges. For postage rates visit

TNT Express

TNT Overnight bags are available as a substitute for Express post or Parcel post satchels for all domestic and international shipping. These bags are traceable and offer optional insurance at additional cost. The bags can be sent all over the world and are used for international customers as well as within Australia

Deliveries to our Customers

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