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Performance Upgrades

Unlock the potential!

Believe it or not, most modern engines are down rated by the manufacturer for a number of reasons. It's because vehicles are down rated that we can provide an electronic engine management upgrade, unlocking that extra potential in your vehicle, and creating an all new driving experience.

It truly isn't hard to make power from an engine, but power and reliability is much trickier, and that's something many places struggle with. This point is especially relevant when choosing your mapper, as while most people are impressed when they squeeze huge amounts of power from an engine, how long did it last? An engine that makes loads of power is one thing, but if it doesn't last more than a few weeks before it melts a piston or blows the head gasket, then whats the point?

This is why we have chosen to work with Collins Performance Engineering to ensure your car's remap will give you the extra power and torque you desire without the worry of damaging your pride and joy!

So if you want the best from your car, call us to discuss how we can free up your engine from those restrictive limits, giving you a more rewarding and more exciting drive.



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