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AIRTEC Motorsport induction kit for MK4 Focus ST 2.3 EcoBoost.


AIRTEC Motorsport induction kit that works perfectly with the standard or modified Mk4 Focus ST  2.3 EcoBoost.

Enhanced induction sound, great looks and loud turbo noise on let off.



  • Removes original plastic & restrictive airbox
  • More responsive and exciting driving experience
  • Enhanced induction sound and turbo recirculation noise
  • Free flowing AIRTEC Motorsport branded cotton air filter
  • CNC MAF sensor housing
  • Powder coated alloy heat-shield to help reduce heat soak
  • Adds style to your engine bay
  • Easy fitting, takes less than 30 minutes to install

A simple modification that transforms the look of your engine bay.



AIRTEC Mk4 ST 2.3 Ecoboost Motorsport Induction Kit - ASATIKFO29

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