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AIRTEC Motorsport Stage 2 Induction Kit with optional Pro Hose Induction Hose for Fiesta ST 180


AIRTEC Motorsport Stage 2 induction kit for Fiesta ST180.

Only available with cotton filter. Silicon Hose is a $77 option.

Cold feed, Billet alloy maf sensor fitting, powder coated heat-shield and huge extreme filter.

Expect to see gains of 5-10bhp compared to the original Airbox.

Enhanced induction sound, great looks and loud recirculation dump valve noise on let off.

The new design Stage 2 induction kit that works perfectly with the standard Fiesta ST180.

Tested! Rolling road tested at AmD in Essex ? Peak power gain of 7.5bhp and average overall increase of 4-6bhp over five power runs.

Option: Silicone Hose $77.00

Filter Sock: $80.00



AIRTEC ST180 Motorsport Stage 2 Induction Kit - ASATIKFO6

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