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Billet crankshaft for FORD Sierra - Escort Cosworth 2.0 16v Turbo engine YB.


Crankshaft stroke: 77,00mm (std) - 82mm - 84mm - 86mm
Weight: 17,00 - 19,00 kgs

ZRP crankshafts are manufactured in 4340 aerospace steel, excellent quality and finish to guarantee the best product and reliability.
ZRPs are carefully designed to provide the best performance of the engine. A very demanding process during the manufacture, with different quality controls and inspections, as well as heat treatments in several stages for a greater hardening of the steel and a micro-polishing for a longer useful life.
The crankshafts, once the manufacturing process is finished, are subjected to different quality tests such as ultra-sonic tests and X-rays, in order to offer a product of extreme quality.
All ZRP crankshafts are factory balanced and ready to assemble.



Billet crankshaft for Sierra/Escort Cosworth YB - YBCRANK

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