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We are pleased to offer the eagerly awaited CP2 software for the Focus RS Mk3, power has been increased by +20 whp (wheel power) and +33 Lb-ft over the previous CP1v2 software

This relates to a peak wheel power increase of over 40 whp at 5500 rpm and 103 lb-ft torque over the standard test car at 3450 rpm

The attached power graphs where done on the same day using the same car with no additional hardware installed

You will clearly see from the attached graphs that some of the midrange wheel power gains are extremely impressive at +80whp at 4250rpm

Our latest upgrade compares well to some of our direct competitors wheel power claims and offers excellent value for money as it requires no additional hardware upgrades

The CP2 software is also compatible with 3? Downpipe Decat or Sport Cats, 3? Cat Back exhausts

Upgrade files install in under 17 seconds

Future Updates and additional features available by email

Collins Performance specialize in all types of ECU Remapping and Engine Tuning for your vehicle, helping maximize your driving pleasure. ECU Remap will vastly improve your driving pleasure.

With over 40 years? experience on upgrading cars, vans and trucks, Collins Performance Engineering have established themselves, as one of the UK?s leading automotive tuners.

Many of the manufactures original engine software?s are either restricted or compromised due to various marketing or legislative factors.

The process of remapping involves the modifying and upgrading the software controlling the running of the engine to remove these restrictions

Typically customers see performance increases and improvement in MPG/KPL of over 10% on most automotive turbo engine applications and in some cases much more.

In every case a back of copy of the original software is made and safely stored so it can be reinstated at any point.

We are very passionate about what we do and want nothing less than perfection for our customers, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and this is all backed up with fantastic reviews and feedback from our customer base.


Collins Performance iFlash RS Mk3 Stage 2 software - CPRS3STG2

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