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Focus mk4 Bonnet Hood Gas Strut Kit 2018+


The best kit on the market.  The wing edges on the Focus mk4 are not strong or stiff enough to support gas struts without worrying amounts of flex - be wary of other kits that use wing edges to support the gas strut kit!  Our kit was designed from the ground up to support the gas struts on the chassis to completely eliminate flex and risk of damage.  The bottom bracket is also almost completely hidden offering the best OEM look.   Simply to install with no cutting or welding needed and the kit can be removed to return the car to standard at any time.  All our kits use the highest quality UK or German manufactured gas struts, laser cut brackets and stainless fittings.



Mk4 Bonnet Hood Gas Strut Kit 2018+ - DIDMK4GASSTRUT

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