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Hydraulic Clutch Cylinder


Centrally mounted against the gearbox, this hydraulic clutch slave cylinder provides the most efficient method of operating all push release type clutches. Commonly used for many forms of motorsport and popular for road conversions.

For a complete system you will require as a minimum the cylinder nose, release bearing, mount and hydraulic feed line.


For those with different applications to the mounts we have available, several customers have successfully fabricated their own mounts.

This hydraulic clutch cylinder is manufactured to a high tolerance for Burton Power in the UK by Titan Motorsport. We should advise that a cheap copy of this cylinder is available on the market but feedback is not good with reports of premature leaking.

The overall depth from bearing face to mounting face is 72-73mm (maximum) and spacers are available separately to decrease this depth: APC7. Connection to hydraulic supply is 3/8 UNF. Maximum safe travel is 22mm.


Hydraulic Clutch Cylinder - RADAPC5

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