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Mk1/2 Alloy hub large bearing

Can use NPS3430 55mm long studs.


Uses large inner bearing. Note: increases track of vehicle by 10mm per side.


  • Ford Capri Mk1 (not 3.0 V6) 1969-1974
  • Ford Capri Mk2 (not 3.0 V6) 1974-1978
  • Ford Capri Mk3 including 2.8i V6 (not 3.0 V6) 1978-1986
  • Ford Escort Mk1 Twin Cam 1968-1971
  • Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico 1970-1974
  • Ford Escort Mk1 RS1600 1970-1974
  • Ford Escort Mk1 RS2000 1973-1974
  • Ford Escort Mk2 RS Mexico 1975-1978
  • Ford Escort Mk2 RS1800 1975-1977
  • Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000 1976-1980 (excluding Australian built models*)

* Original Australian RS2000 struts use the smaller wheel bearing found on European non-RS models and these hubs will not fit. An easy check to confirm the struts haven't been changed is to look at the steering arm. Original Australian struts have steering arms cast into the casing, European RS2000 and Capri struts have removable bolt-on steering arms.



Mk1/2 Alloy hub large bearing - BMP327

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