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Mk1/2 Rear brake kit (Atlas axle) 247x10mm


These rear brake disc conversions utilise Ford’s Sierra/Granada rear calipers and use bolt-on caliper mounting brackets.

Full kit includes new calipers and caliper slider brackets, caliper to axle brackets, 247 x 10mm discs and handbrake cables.

Please note the following before purchasing this kit:

  • The 2-lined handbrake cable will require an additional support to the tunnel. This must be custom made and fitted by the installer.
  • Custom brake lines must be installed and are not included.
  • OE halfshaft flanges must be machined prior to fitting to clear inside the brake disc. Quaife and 3J halfshaft flanges fit without machining.
  • Due to the efficiency of rear disc setups, it is often necessary to reset the braking bias towards the front of the vehicle by use of a bias valve (not included).
  • Brake pads also supplied at extra cost (see below for options).

For most road applications, the standard pad is the most suitable. Designed to fit Escort Mk1/Mk2 and Capri fitted with an Atlas axle. Does NOT fit Cortina Mk3/Mk4/Mk5 applications due to disc offset.

Brake Kit Specification:

  • Disc Diameter: 247mm
  • Disc Width: 10mm
  • Minimum wheel size: 13"
  • Caliper Type: OE specification Sierra/Granada rear calipers
  • Caliper Thread: M10x1.0

Brake Kit Contents:

  • Sierra rear calipers and slider brackets
  • Brake caliper mounting brackets
  • Brake discs
  • Handbrake cable
  • Hardware

Brake pads suitable for this kit (not included):
Standard brake pads: PA450
Ferodo DS Performance fast road brake pads: FER408
Ferodo DS2500 fast road/track day brake pads: FER408H
Mintex M1144 fast road/track day brake pads: MDB1287M1144
Ferodo DS3000 race brake pads: FER408R
Mintex M1155 race brake pads: MDB1287M1155

Mk1/2 Rear brake kit (Atlas axle) 247x10mm - BKESC12AT

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