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Gaz top adjustable coilover new RS type front leg TO SUIT Escort Mk1/Mk2 RS2000/Mexico & Capri (not 3.0)


New RS style front strut to suit all RS/Mexico Escorts and Capris excluding 3.0 V6. Strut is fitted with Gaz top adjustable damper. Note that the top of the damper fits through a top mount with 5/8" hole so early Escorts & Capris may need replacement top mounts to fit (early models usually have a 1/2" bore top mount). Spring supplied at extra cost.

All Gaz units feature Zinc plated bodies giving over 300 hours salt spray protection, double lip oil seals and 36 point external damper rate adjustment. Each unit is fully rebuildable and they are supplied with a 2 year warranty and an individual dyno read out.

Note that the legs are priced each but we can only supply in pairs - individual LH and RH units cannot be supplied. Springs not included.

  • Ford Capri Mk1 (not 3.0 V6) 1969-1974
  • Ford Capri Mk2 (not 3.0 V6) 1974-1978
  • Ford Capri Mk3 including 2.8i V6 (not 3.0 V6) 1978-1986
  • Ford Escort Mk1 Twin Cam 1968-1971
  • Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico 1970-1974
  • Ford Escort Mk1 RS1600 1970-1974
  • Ford Escort Mk1 RS2000 1973-1974
  • Ford Escort Mk2 RS Mexico 1975-1978
  • Ford Escort Mk2 RS1800 1975-1977
  • Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000 1976-1980

Priced Pair


GAZ Mk1/Mk2 top adjustable coilover new RS type front leg (pair) - GAZ4491AS

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