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Mk2 Main wiring loom/bulkhead grommet


Fits where the main wiring loom runs through the bulkhead. The only modification made from the original is an increase in the diameter of the central hole from 14.0mm to 17.0mm. This is to assist sliding the grommet over the wide flat electrical connectors and the wider sections of the wiring loom. Once fitted the modification is not noticeable. For those wishing to use this for alternative applications, this grommet fits in a 2.5" (63mm) hole.

  • Ford Escort Mk2 1.1/1.3/1.6 OHV 1975-1980
  • Ford Escort Mk2 RS Mexico 1975-1978
  • Ford Escort Mk2 RS1800 1975-1977
  • Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000 1976-1980



Mk2 Main wiring loom/bulkhead grommet - PL103

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