PEC Pinto Long Rods 136mm


PEC's own in house design facilities are able to create many different components but for nearly 10 years now, it's our connecting rods that have helped set us apart from the competition in terms of availability, ease of fitment and size of range. 

Manufactured from forgings originally produced in Sweden, PEC connecting rods have offered engine builders and tuners a cost efficient and yet high performing solution to a wide variety engine building problems.

H-Beam and I-Beam section connecting rods are forged from AISI 4340 (En24) steel. Heat treated to HRC 35-38 and then shot peened for a higher fatigue strength. Small ends are bushed for a fully floating pin and big ends are fitted with high quality ARP fasteners with different specification bolts available depending on the level of performance required.

PEC Connecting rods have been designed, manufactured and tested to the highest levels of scrutiny before being released to the trade and the public alike and their success record speaks for itself.



Part Number

H-Beam - G0023

I-Beam - G0186

Engine Type All YB & Pinto
Length C/C 136.00mm
Small End Diameter 24.00mm
Small End Width 25.80mm
Big End Diameter 55.00mm
Big End Width 25.80mm



PEC Pinto Long Rods 136mm - PECROD136