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Raceline - Zetec Water Rail Kit


Water rails are designed to simplify the cooling system and plumbing of the engine when installed in-line in a RWD car. The engine has water outlets at the back of the head, which in most RWD applications foul the bulkhead if you retain the original outlet housings. The water rails are designed with a narrow profile to transfer this outlet to the front of the engine making the plumbing simpler and neater. Water outlet is via a X/flow thermostat housing which must be purchased separately.

Use fitting kit FZ471.
X/flow thermostat housing FP610.
Special X/flow thermostat housing FP610M.

Ford Zetec E 16v Silver Top -05/98
  • RWD conversions
Ford Zetec E 16v Black Top 05/98-
  • RWD conversions



Zetec Raceline Water Rail Kit - ZRACELINEWATERRAIL

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