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Sierra Type 9 5 speed gearbox with 2.98:1 long 1st gear


Complete gearbox reconditioned to Ford O.E. Standards using the GBT9200 long 1st gear conversion kit.

This partial gear kit is designed to lower the ratio of first gear from a short 3.65:1 to a much more useable 2.98:1. The kit includes a brand new mainshaft first gear and a used layshaft cluster that has been modified and fitted with a new first gear. The remaining gears do not require replacing.

Gear ratios: 2.98/1.97/1.37/1:1/0.82. Must be used with GL4 spec oil.

Original Fitment:

  • Ford Capri Mk3 1.6/2.0 02/1983-1986
  • Ford Granada Mk2 1983-1985
  • Ford Granada/Scorpio Mk3 1985-1988
  • Ford Sierra 1.6/1.8/2.0 1983-1988
  • Ford Transit Mk3 1985-1988

Ford Type 9 5 Speed Gearbox
(Also referred to as a 'Type N' gearbox in some workshop manuals)
Ford’s first RWD 5 speed box was based on the 4 speed Type E and features a cast iron main case with alloy tail housing. This gearbox is the most commonly used for 5 speed conversions on older vehicles, not just for classic Fords but for other classic makes such as MG and Triumph as well as kit cars. A 4wd version of this box was also available and was fitted in early XR4x4 and Granada Mk3 models.
Oil capacity 2wd: 1.9 litres
Oil capacity 4wd: 1.25 litres (plus 0.5 litres in transfer box)
Standard oil grade: 75W90 semi-synthetic
Input spline: 1" x 23
Output spline: 25



Sierra Type 9 5 speed gearbox with 2.98:1 long 1st gear - T9STDGEARBOX

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