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Stage 3 & 3HT – Focus RS Mk2 – CP I-Flash



Stage 3 – Requires the vehicle to be fitted with the following

  • Uprated Exhaust System
  • Uprated Air Filter System
  • Uprated Intercooler
  • Uprated CP Design Injectors
  • Uprated CP Design Fuel Pump or Mountune Fuel Pump

OBD2 – ‘I Flash’ USB interface lead connects your vehicle ECU direct to your laptop

Unique ‘I Flash’ USB Key contains installation software and pre installed tunes and copy of latest OE calibration

Easy to follow installation instructions – removal or opening of ECU not required

Upgrade files install in under 17 seconds

Future Updates and additional features available by email

Features include

  • Diagnostics – Reads and clears DTC fault codes
  • ECU Recovery Mode
  • Vehicle options i.e. Auto locking, valet mode



Stage 3 & 3HT – Focus RS Mk2 – CP I-Flash - CPMK2RSHT&HI

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