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S-U-MM-I-T Chassis reinforcement equipment improves chassis  rigidity  &  reduces un-wanted chassis flex. 

S-U-MM-I-T Brace's are not hollow tube, they use a monocoque Aluminium triple forged  tube sharft, which makes them incredibly lightweight but are also exceptionally strong. 

S-U-MM-I-T Strut braces are 50% stronger than cheap hollow alloy tube strut brace's

S-U-MM-I-T upgrades your chassis performance and there by improving you cars handling and driving experience. 

Fitting TipTo get that perfect clean look you need to make a small modification to the 2 plastic lugs that stick out of the scuttle panel on the left hand side, It's not 100% necessary but will help avoid any contact or rubbing and improve the fitted look




SUMMIT Front Strut Brace - Mk2 RS & ST225/XR5 - SUMF-FF2-W104

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