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YB 2WD Conversion Gasket Kit


Conversion gasket kit includes:

  • Sump gasket rails (pair)
  • Front half moon sump seal SC762
  • Rear half moon sump seal SC763
  • Oil pump pickup pipe gasket FT789
  • Front cover gasket FT787
  • Water pump gasket FT785
  • Front crankshaft oil seal FT783
  • Rear crankshaft oil seal FP709
  • Auxillary shaft oil seal FT783
  • Power steering mount to block gasket FT788
  • Distributor O ring FT786
  • O ring - oil pickup pipe to oil pump SC789A
  • Sump drain plug washer FT790

Ford Cosworth YB 16v Turbo

  • Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 3 door 1986-1987
  • Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 1987
  • Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 2wd 1988-1989



YB 2WD Conversion Gasket Kit - YB2WDCONVGASKET

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