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YB Cosworth Sump Baffle


During braking, accelerating and cornering, oil in the sump is forced towards the sides (known as oil surge). Under normal driving conditions, this is not a problem and within limits. If the car is then driven on track enthusiastically, more power, bigger brakes, stickier tyres, etc, oil surge becomes a bigger problem. This can eventually lead to oil starvation when the oil pickup is momentarily deprived of oil supply whilst the oil is trying to climb the sides of the sump and block. The result is an expensive engine rebuild.

This modified baffle is designed to fit within the original sump and keep oil surrounding the pick-up at all times under much more extreme conditions for which the sump was designed for. Features one-way gates that allow oil movement towards the pickup pipe and not away. A highly recommended fitment for all rebuilds, essential for wet sumped engines used for track days or competition

Ford Cosworth YB 16v Turbo
  • Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 3 door 1986-1987
  • Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 1987
  • Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 2wd 1988-1989



YB Cosworth Sump Baffle - YBSUMPBAFFLE

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