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YB Stage 2 Chip 2WD Sierra


All Bayjoo modified chips have been designed to provide optimum performance with economy and driveability. We can supply all the parts necessary to upgrade and where necessary, arrange for the fitment of parts. Inbuilt flexibility allows for most states of tune whether standard or previously modified. Due to the abuse of chip copying, all chips supplied are now non-returnable. In the unlikely event of a chip supplied being faulty, it will be replaced after testing. This conversion requires the injectors to be changed to the Bosch 803 green type, which will provide more fuel capacity. A 3 bar MAP sensor is also required since the boost is raised to 1.6bar (23psi). Although this conversion is often quoted to produce 330bhp, this is not possible when using the original 2wd T3 turbo where power will be approx 300bhp. A hybrid turbo will be required to produce the extra power. Level 1 ECU (W45.01) with small yellow CO adjusting screw



YB Stage 2 Chip 2WD Sierra - YBCHIPSTAGE2

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