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ZDDP Oil Additive


This is a superior professional strength product that really, really works… Liquid intelligence 237 is the missing ingredient that older engines have always needed but have been removed from modern oils… all you have to do is add Liquid Intelligence 237 when you do an oil change using modern motor oils. Problem solved!
Liquid Intelligence 237 is one of a family of products designed to keep older engines performing at their design best, at times even better!
To avoid paying for preventable expensive engine repairs… then you need to keep reading.


Liquid Intelligence 237 Engine Oil Additive is compatible with all conventional and synthetic oils intended for automotive use.

Was your car manufactured before 1996?

If so, you need to know that most modern motor oils may no longer be suitably formulated to care for your engine.

Regulating authorities are approving the removal of an ingredient that was important for older petrol engines but unnecessary for more modern vehicles.

Modern engines don’t need it… But yours does

Peter Maher talks about Liquid Intelligence:

“We are lateral thinkers… we break existing and predictable patterns of thought… so that new perspectives… new concepts and new ideas emerge. This is one of those special innovations… it is a superior professional strength product that really works… I guarantee it.”


Full Product Support

If you need assistance with selecting or applying the Liquid Intelligence 237 ZDDP Engine Oil Additive – we can talk you through it – contact our Technical Support Team by phone: 1800 441 163 (7am to 7pm seven days a week – including public holidays – except Christmas Day)



ZDDP Oil Additive - ZDDP

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